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Dubai: Luxury Apartments in a Super City

Regardless of the motivations of entering the luxury second home market - as a business investment or purely for pleasure - there's no doubt that having access to a selection of international properties is synonymous with success and a jet-set lifestyle. Our Members enjoy exclusive access to luxury holiday homes all over the world, including our beautiful apartment in the city of Dubai.

Located in a state-of-the-art, $20 billion neighbourhood, our luxury investment property in Dubai is in the midst of this extraordinary city state. It's hard to believe now considering the sheer, glittering density of the modern city, but Dubai is in the very first stages of its formation, hardly existing 30 years ago, and with plans pointing towards a continued and vast expansion.

A Young and Evolving Metropolis

Dubai is like nowhere else on earth. A huge, futuristic metropolis, where everything aims to be the biggest, tallest, fastest and most luxurious, the monoliths of Dubai rise astonishingly out from the desert. The city has grown at breakneck speed in the last few decades, but even considering its time in a smaller and less striking form, Dubai is still a relatively new city. In many ways, Dubai's youth is a liberating force, allowing it to specialise in cutting edge experiences impossible to find anywhere else.

Dubai was founded in 1833 when 800 members of the Bani Yas tribe, led by the Maktoum Family, settled at the natural harbour and created a centre for fishing, pearling and sea trade. The vast and shining city we see today is the result of a decision to dredge the waterway in the 1950s and the discovery of oil in the 1960s. The trade and revenue these events facilitated was then poured into infrastructure and tourism. Today Dubai is a business and tourism hub with the largest migrant population in the world.

The Best Luxury Destination

It would be a real challenge to get bored in Dubai, and the Dubai Mall is an essential stop even if you're not a shopper. The largest shopping centre in the world and still expanding, you'll find everything from designer labels, confectionary, furniture, books and even an ice rink; this is a paradise to those dedicated to retail therapy. Away from the high-end brands, Hindi lane offers another fascinating shopping experience, where Dubai's Hindi community have created a market of religious paraphernalia, from flowers to gold-embossed holy images.

A trip to the 124th floor of Burl Khalifa will give you stunning views across Dubai, as does a trip in a hot air balloon that takes you over the desert. For an experience that's closer to nature, don't miss a chance to explore the desert. Take an afternoon safari or book an overnight trip: dinner is a simple meal cooked over an open fire and accommodation is a tent under the stars. Built in 1900, the historic district Al Fahidi adds an interesting contrast to this ultra-modern city, where you can wander around craft shops, galleries and museums. Then, of course, there's always the beach to unwind and relax.

A City of High-End Dining

Dubai imports the absolute best chefs from around the world to create the most luxurious dining experiences possible. From the convenience of our luxury apartment, amazing restaurants are open to you from around the city. Combining stunning décor and unforgettable views with the best examples of cuisine from all over the world, including plenty that showcase Arabic cooking, Dubai's restaurants are world class. There's endless choice, and exquisite food that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, but if you want to savour something particularly local then try Matchbous, a lamb stew, Esh asarya, a kind of cheesecake, or Mehalabiya, a rosewater dessert.

The Experience

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