The local area

Regardless of the motivations of entering the luxury second home market - as a business investment or purely for pleasure - there's no doubt that having access to a selection of international properties is synonymous with success and a jet-set lifestyle. Our Owners enjoy exclusive access to luxury holiday homes all over the world, including our beautiful apartment in the heart of London's west-end.

One of the most visited destinations on earth, London is exhilarating - offering art, architecture, nature and nightlife in dizzying abundance. Imbued with an atmosphere that's both heavy with history and vibrant, this is undoubtedly one of the best cities on earth. From the comfort of our beautiful luxury apartments you can explore this fascinating place that has something to offer for everyone.

Character and Cultural History

Established by the Romans over two thousand years ago, London's colourful history echoes throughout the city, with ancient walls, bridges and place names still holding relevance today. All this adds to the strong sense of identity that permeates London, adding a depth and character to everything from famous old pubs to grand palaces. This is a city which saw invasion by the warrior queen Boudicca, the beheading of Anne Boleyn, Shakespeare's plays being performed in his lifetime, a gruesome plague, a devastating fire and the Great Exhibition, creating a tenacious, exuberant and eccentric place. London, in short, has a great personality.

Appeal, Affluence and Quiet Luxury

London is so full of iconic sights that even by taking a stroll along the river you'll be taking in some the most famous buildings and locations in the world, without even consciously planning a tour. Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, The London Eye - the list of London must-sees is extensive, and enough to fill countless trips to this unique city. This is before you even start thinking about the world-class museums and galleries, which provide ample fascination whether you want to see a dinosaur or innovative contemporary art.

The most compelling thing about London is that many of its charms are unexpected. This is an endlessly explorable city, with hidden treasures waiting around every corner, and our Club Home in Marylebone will give you the perfect base from which to carve out your very own city experience.

A World of High-End Dining

For the last decade or so, England has been undergoing a culinary revolution and London is firmly at its centre. Some of the best chefs in the world are represented here, and the capital boasts a shower of Michelin stars. You can eat your way across the globe in London, and enjoy everything from casual lunches to some of the most sophisticated dining experiences in the world.

The Experience

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