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Luxury Villas and Property Investment in Sardinia, Italy

Regardless of the motivations of entering the luxury second home market - as a business investment or purely for pleasure - there's no doubt that having access to a selection of international properties is synonymous with success and a jet-set lifestyle. Our Members enjoy exclusive access holiday homes all over the world, including our beautiful luxury real estate in Sardinia.

"Between Europe and Africa and belonging to nowhere", D H Lawrence said, "Sardinia is different". Both beautiful and eccentric, Sardinia is full of appealing mysteries, from it's Bronze age tombs - called fairy houses and giant's graves - to its colourful festivals.

Our luxury villa in Sardinia is the perfect home away from home with which to explore the white sand beaches and emerald waters that give way to an untouched interior. Furnished with mountains, near-alpine forests and thousands of ancient stone towers, Sardinia has something for everyone.

The History of Sardinia

Sardinia has the somewhat typical island history of never spending too long without being invaded. It has spent time in the hands of the Carthaginians, Romans, Vandal raiders, Byzantines and Spanish, before finally settling with Italy. There's treasures to unearth left by each of these influences, but it's the island's most ancient population that really captures people's imagination, and gives Sardinia it's own unique character. Having traded with the Phoenicians, the Nuragic culture is little known but echoes throughout the landscape in the fascinating structures they built, something visitors have wondered over for centuries.

What to See and Do in Sardinia

The beaches that surround Sardinia are widely considered some of the best in the world. From the comfort of your luxury holiday homes, you can spend long lazy days under the Sardinian sun, before heading to the shore and letting the crystal waves wash over your feet.

This however is far from all the island has to offer. You can hike in the mountains, explore the ancient Roman ruins at Tharros and spot the island's interesting wildlife, especially in the stunning national park La Maddalena. There's unique species of deer and foxes living in the forests of Sardinia, and even a particular type of blue-eyed donkey.

Sardinian Cuisine

Throughout your stay in our luxury villa, it's the island's characterful food that will really complete this extraordinary cultural experience. Unlike most islands, traditional Sardinian cuisine didn't contain much seafood, as over the centuries inhabitants stayed in the mountains to avoid seafaring invaders - although this has changed in recent times. Defined by strong flavours, dishes to try include the thin crispy bread carasau, ravioli-like Culurgiones and pork dish Porcheddu. Also, remember to pour a glass or two of the heady local wine, such as Cannonau.

The Experience

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