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Luxury Villas & Property Investment in Sicily, Italy

Regardless of the motivations for entering the luxury second home market - as a business investment or purely for pleasure - there's no doubt that having access to a selection of international properties is synonymous with success and a jet-set lifestyle. Our Members enjoy exclusive access to luxury holiday homes all over the world, including our beautiful luxury property in Sicily, Italy.

Famous the world over for its stunning vistas, rich history and sublime cuisine, the island of Sicily has become synonymous with culture and elegance - accolades it truly deserves. There are few better or more authentic ways to experience the enriching Sicilian lifestyle, than by investing in our Classic Collection and enjoying a stay at our luxurious Sicilian villa.

The Old Mill, a once-fully-operational olive press mill and now stunningly restored, is set among four hectares of truly beautiful Sicilian countryside. Situated in the town of Avola, near Syracuse, our property will allow you to experience a seamless blend of traditional Sicilian culture, and modern luxury.

The History and Culture of Sicily

As the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and due to its excellent strategic position, countless civilisations and cultures have called Sicily home over thousands of years. Sicily frequently changed hands, with Germanic, Byzantine, and Arab civilisations laying claim to the island before Giuseppe Garibaldi's successfully conquered it for Italy in 1860.

From the Paleolithic cave paintings at Levanzo, to the utterly magnificent ancient Greek and Roman ruins (such as those at Agrigento's Valle dei Templi), few destinations offer travellers a range of historical experiences this diverse. With deep traditions in wine, citrus and oil production, and forever remembered as the home of the Corleone family in Mario Puzo's masterpiece The Godfather, history and culture are an integral part of Sicilian life.

What to See & Do in Sicily

Whatever your tastes, you'll be spoilt for choice during a stay at the Old Mill. If peace and relaxation are your priority, reading by the private pool or taking a lazy stroll among the olive and almond trees couldn't be more suitable; or spending an afternoon enjoying an authentic Italian coffee on the terrace of one of Avola's cafés are just some of the ways to unwind at this luxury property.

If you have a penchant for adventure and exploration, taking a day trip to Mount Etna could satiate your cravings. As the largest volcano in Italy, and one of the most active in the world, this natural wonder is a must-see for any holidaymaker or traveller who appreciates the exceptional. Combine this with spending a day in the beautiful town of Taormina, and enjoying the nightlife and restaurants of Catania, and you have the makings of a truly unforgettable Sicilian experience.

Food & Drink in Sicily

With a cuisine which draws on the broad and varied culture of the island's history, Sicilian food has something for all tastes and preferences - and is simply flawless. This is due largely in part to the sheer quality and freshness of the ingredients that Sicilian chefs have to choose from, and the best way to experience it is undoubtedly in one of the stunning restaurants on the island, such as 'Duomo', in Ragusa.

The lemons and olives of the island are world-famous, as are the pistachios grown on Mount Etna. The warm currents of the Mediterranean provide some of the best-tasting fish and seafood, including fresh anchovies, tuna and prawns. Paired with one of the sublime local wines, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you will be well fed throughout your stay in your luxury villa.

The Experience

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