The Algarve

Market Day in the Algarve, Portugal
Market Day in the Algarve, Portugal

The local area

Luxury Villas, Blue Sea and Sunshine in the Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve, with its year-round balmy climate, beautiful blue waters and inviting sandy beaches, is deservedly popular. There are numerous hidden charms and many authentic experiences to discover in this sun-drenched corner of Portugal. Our property investment club will enable you to enjoy luxury villas situated in the most exclusive resorts, surrounded by some of Portugal's most distinctly beautiful countryside. Here you can dedicate yourself to relaxation- soaking up the atmosphere in a place characterised by luminous sunshine, the smell of sea salt and miles of golden sands.

Cultural History

The Portuguese set off from the Algarve to discover the world in the 15th century, but for centuries the world simply came to them. Occupied by Celtic settlers, Romans, Visigoths, the Moors and Napoleon, it was perhaps the Moors who left the most striking impression. Decorative glazed tiles and sophisticated latticework chimneys are a reminder of this North African influence, and the fishing village Olhao is well worth a visit both for it's lively market and its geometric, Moorish-inspired architecture. 16th century churches, Roman ruins and pretty castle towns are other culture defining features that you can explore from our luxury Portuguese properties.

Relaxing in Luxury

The Algarve landscape features perfect beaches, unspoilt islands and mountain scenery, and The Hideaways Club luxury villa is located on the western edge of the Rio Formosa nature reserve. This unique coastal lagoon is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal, known for bird watching, its luxurious golf resort, Vale do Lobo, tennis clubs and an equestrian centre.

The Algarve also offers dolphin watching, market shopping for olives, cheeses and fruits in a grand Moorish-style market hall in Loule and cultural festivals in Querenca. where you can experience the true spirit of the Algarve.

Markets, Seafood and High-End Restaurants

There are plentiful and enticing food markets in the Algarve, and if you want to, you can spend a few hours leisurely transforming this produce into Portuguese dishes in the privacy of your luxury villa. There's also a wide array of options to eat out- from simplistic and lovingly prepared food in family-run cafes to high-end restaurants, like Breeze in Vale do Lobo and O Jacinto in Querteira. Once you've had your fill of beautiful seafood and European cuisine, in the market town of Monchique you can toast your trip to Portugal with a glass of aguardiente, a potent brandy brewed in antique copper stills.

The Experience

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