The Most Authentic New York Food and Where To Eat It
19th July, 2017

Hot Dogs

Any trip to the Big Apple simply wouldn't be complete without eating at least one hot dog - and few things are more emblematic of the thriving metropolis than this classic quick-eat. With the dish so intrinsically tied to the city's food culture, you don't need to spend much for a stunning hot dog, which are served across the metropolis, from simple street vendors to up-market gourmet delis.

Where to try one

For a hot dog that is itself a slice of New York history, making the journey to Brooklyn to visit Nathan's Famous is a great way to experience this classic. Opened in 1916, this truly is the original frank joint - with genuine subway tiles, and iconic signage adorning its front; a hot dog from Nathan's is the classic way to enjoy this street food.

For a slightly more indulgent option, you could consider a visit to Serendipity 3. Located on East 60th Street, this restaurant opened in 1954, and has appeared in several films, even being a central plot point in the story of 2001's Serendipity.

Their foot long hot dogs, grilled in truffle oil, served on imported German pretzel buns and topped with black truffles and foie gras, truly justify their 'haute dog' title. There are few more exquisite ways to sample this classic New York treat.


Originating in New York as a result of increased Eastern European immigration in the 19th century, bagels have risen in popularity over the last 100 years so much that they have cemented their place as a staple of New York cuisine.

Steeped in a rich history, bagels will forever be associated with the Big Apple, and can now be found almost anywhere in the city. They're the perfect breakfast food, and after waking up in your Broadway Penthouse, there are few better ways to start your day than with an authentic New York bagel.

Where to try one

Bagels can be easily found across the whole city - if going out for breakfast doesn't appeal, then purchasing a plain fresh one and making your own breakfast in the comfort of your luxury hideaway is a great way to add a flavour of the city to your stay- but for a genuine, traditionally Jewish bagel, Russ and Daughters is the place to visit.

Opened in 1914, this fourth generation family run bagel shop serves up traditionally prepared bagels that are simply exceptional. They have a fascinating story, having been open for more than a century, and it's the first business in America to have '& daughters' included in its name. They have a sit-down restaurant if you'd prefer to savour the experience, but their stylishly designed takeaway is ideal for a lighter, quick bagel bite.


Pizzas, or 'pies' as they're often referred to in New York, are one of the most vibrant and diverse culinary offerings the city has. Whether it's a classic, thin and crisp Italian recipe, or a creative celebration of the rich culinary influences of New York food, you can be sure that enjoying a pizza in the Big Apple will be a memorable addition to your stay.

Where to try it

Di Fara Pizzeria, found at 1424 J Avenue J in Brooklyn, is widely regarded as the producer of one of the best pizzas in the city. Regularly voted as New York's best, this humble pizzeria surpasses expectations as pizza chef Domenico DeMarco - who has owned and run the Di Fara since 1964 - serves a pie that superstar chef Anthony Bourdain has called 'the best of the best'.

For a more gourmet, sit-down experience, then Marta on East 29th Street is an excellent option. With an outstanding menu, offering both 'pizze rosse' and 'pizza bianche', Marta's is an Italian masterpiece. If you visit during truffle season, you will even be able to order fresh, fragrant white truffle on your pizza- which will be grated tableside. The restaurant only has limited spaces available for walk-ins, so be sure to book up to 28 days ahead to avoid disappointment.

New York Cheesecake

While cheesecake is popular the world over, arguably the most authentic way to experience it is in New York. The name 'New York Cheesecake' is said to have arisen not to refer to a recipe or way of making the dessert, but to describe specifically cheesecake that had been made in New York city- as it was the best in the world.

With a dense, smooth consistency, and deep flavour, experiencing an authentic New York cheesecake is a culinary experience that every visitor to the city should consider - they're made with real cheese, and their sweet, tangy flavour is an indulgence you don't want to miss.

Where to try it

While New York cheesecake is available across the city, a few places stand out as the best to visit for an authentic taste of this culinary classic. Topping nearly every list of the best cheesecake in New York is Junior's. Junior's have several restaurants throughout the city, and their cheesecake is world famous. Reportedly held for 48 hours before sale, to develop a depth of flavour that's simply unrivalled, this cheesecake is quite possibly the finest in the city.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to enjoy your cheesecake as you explore the delights of the Big Apple, then a takeaway from Eileen's Special Cheesecake is probably the answer. Recognised as New York's #1 dessert in 2015, Eileen has been frequently featured on TV and recognised by many celebrity chefs for her baking accomplishments - she's been following her mother's recipe for over 40 years, and whichever of the 25 plus cheesecake flavours on offer you choose, you know it'll be exceptional.

Whatever your plans during your stay in New York, whether you're visiting for business, or simply to experience the delights the iconic city has to offer, the food on here is some of the most recognisable in the world. However you choose to enjoy the food New York has to offer, taking the time to indulge in and enjoy some truly authentic New York food is a fantastic addition to your stay. If you want some further, more specific advice then speaking to your concierge is a good idea - and while the suggestions as to where to eat above are a great place to start, part of the magic of New York City is discovering its wonders yourself, making it one of the most exciting destinations to visit in the world.

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