Secret Beaches: Cape Town

With the striking Table Mountain as a backdrop, beautiful beaches and a relaxed and cosmopolitan atmosphere, it is no wonder Cape Town is attracting more visitors than ever. To avoid the crowds, we've rounded up the best hidden beaches in the Mother City.

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This autumn will throw up a number of different options for people who are looking for ways to relax by heading to exclusive residences. However, few will be better than seeking the sun as the weather turns a little gloomier back home.

Heading to the likes of Cape Town in the autumn will be a great way to ensure you can get some brilliant sunshine and take the chance to relax on the beaches. However, to make sure you find exactly what you are looking for, you need to know the best places to head to.

Clifton Beaches

More a cluster of four beaches than a single one, Clifton's beaches are perfect for those who want to catch the rays with some secluded and relaxed sunbathing.

The busiest of the four beaches available here is the fourth one, and this is best avoided if you want the chance to enjoy a bit of serenity, especially if you are headed there in the summer months, when it will be particularly busy.

Swimming at Clifton is also reserved for only the very bravest unfortunately, thanks to its setting on the Atlantic. The icy waters are only for those with nerves of steel.

However, one of the highlights of the day at Clifton will come when you join locals on the beach late at night for a summer picnic. This is a wonderful and beautiful event with a number of people on the beach with their food and their blankets, enjoying the peace and quiet by candlelight.

Camps Bay

This beach is perhaps better for families than it is for the couple who just want to relax away from the crowds. It is busier than the smaller Clifton beaches, but not too much, and it is the perfect place to enjoy some of the activities that locals love to partake in.

Kids will enjoy getting the chance to take part in beach volleyball, while there are also a range of other sports and activities that are leaned towards the visiting family.

Other highlights of this wonderful little beach include the fact it is situated so close to a little area filled with trendy bars and restaurants that have more of a Mediterranean feel than a South African one. Head over the road for some chilled wines, cocktails and sea food with the locals.

Sandy Park

One of the most common aspects of any beach that paints itself as being secluded is the fact that it will be more difficult to get to, something that will often turn tourists away. This is true of Sandy Park, where visitors will need to walk for half an hour from their car in order to find the white sands.

This beach is well known as the perfect place in South Africa for indulging in some sunbathing, and as such it has a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. This is probably not the place for the kids, given its lack of activities and the desires of most users to enjoy a quiet setting.

It is also one of the most scenic of all the Cape Town beaches. In addition to the wonderful blue waters, visitors can see the mountainous sand dunes and mountain slopes, all of which make for a simply spectacular setting.

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