Hide Away At Home
2nd April, 2020

Confined to barracks, hunkered down, enjoying the creature comforts, call it what you will, we have always valued the home - it's the very essence of why we established The Hideaways Club; to create homes away from home - and now more than ever we're cherishing our own four walls and the safety and security they bring.

And yet among the turmoil, a new sense of togetherness is giving us cause for cheer as it becomes ever clearer, both on a micro and a macro level, that we really are all in this together to stay safe.

Advances in technology have never been so welcome as they are right now, as we use ever more savvy ways to keep in touch, connect with our loved ones and reinforce the sense of belonging.

As life temporarily moves online, new communities are flourishing around shared loves of fitness, of books, and of gardening, for example. Life is finding a way, we are finding a way, to continue, to exist, even, dare we say it, to flourish.

This temporary normal is giving us the space to spend time together in ways we've only been able to snatch at previously, and we are discovering an unexpected delight in daily rhythms.

Baking with the kids, building dens, cooking, drawing and planting seeds have all taken on a deeper meaning and more significance as we cherish these shared experiences and find happiness in the simplest of things.

And while we're taking stock within our own homes, hitting reset and figuring out how we want our lives to look on the other side of this, we're dreaming of where our future travels will take us.

With a portfolio of homes across the globe, at The Hideaways Club we have choice and we have opportunities, but what further sets us apart is our well-established sense of community. And as we move forward, this is going to be more beneficial to us all than ever.

Enabling our Members to bring their family and friends together in exquisite properties all over the world, just like they would in their own home, is one of the founding pillars of our philosophy. Nothing brings us more satisfaction than helping our Members spend precious time with their families and friends.

Of utmost importance to us is making lasting memories with our loved ones, and we do everything we can to make this as easy and effortless as possible for our Members.

This behaviour comes naturally to us because, as a club, we have time-honoured roots and are built on a solid foundation of like-minded individuals. Over the 12 years we have been in business, we've welcomed CEOs, entrepreneurs, start-up founders and sports personalities into our Club, who all appreciate our hands-on approach, honesty and integrity.

Our Concierge Team take great pride in their personal relationships with Members, and it's not uncommon for Members to have Donald Watt, COO of The Hideaways Club, on speed dial too.

This peace of mind is priceless, and will stand our Members in good stead over the coming weeks and months.

As we all reassess what's important to us, we're taking a moment to breathe, to live in the now, and to find joy in the security of home.

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