Off The Beaten Path... Phuket
7th November, 2019

Ao Sane Beach, Nai Harn
Ao Sane beach is three tiny bays on the southwest coast. It's a tree-lined tranquil oasis, with snow-white sand and exemplary diving and snorkelling. It can be accessed through The Nai Harn, a five-star resort on the northern tip of neighbouring Nai Harn Beach.

Black Rock Viewpoint
If you want to admire the island's natural beauty from a secluded spot, the Black Rock Viewpoint is where you need to be. With a route that includes a dirt road and jungle ascent, you will need to travel on four-wheels. The scenic view from the top is breath-taking.

Rawai Fish Market
The place to go to buy fresh seafood and fish that takes your fancy and then visit a nearby restaurant who will prepare and cook it for you. You can also find spices to compliment the dish or, if you're not best-informed when it comes to seasoning, your seafood will be cooked at the chef's discretion. A foodie's dream.

Kathu Waterfall (the real side)
Kathu Waterfall is one of the best-known and best-frequented waterfalls in Phuket. However, the vast majority of visitors miss out on the most stunning side of this nature spot; to the right-hand side, past the bridge and up the hill, with little to no signage en-route, you will be immersed in scenery which most miss out on. Enjoy the peace as you cool down in the clear water.

Wat Koh Siray Buddhist Temple
Perched on a picturesque hill to the east of Phuket Town, the intriguing Wat Koh Siray is a sanctuary where your only companions are monks or a couple of locals at worship. It is a great place to observe the surrounding - and rather undeveloped - landscape of rubber plantations, coconut trees and even a 'sea gypsy' village.

Thailand's largest island is certainly diverse and with so much to see and do, you may (intentionally) forget to leave..!

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