Our Property Maintenance Tips: Keeping the Club’s Properties in Great Condition
4th March, 2020

1) Hire Great People

At the end of every trip, Hideaways Club Members are emailed a post-visit feedback questionnaire to evaluate the extent to which they enjoyed their stay with us, with an emphasis on the pre-trip planning, local concierge, property presentation and cleanliness. This is an extremely important channel of communication for us, as it allows us to respond rapidly to any concerns raised by Members and ensure that we maintain a consistently high operational performance.

We're delighted that our operations performance, based on feedback from Members, is above 90%. This is thanks, in large part, to the fantastic teams that we have working for us all around the world. From South Africa and Japan, to Portugal and Dubai, all of our Local Concierges have their own different unique personalities and characteristics, but one thing that is shared by the entire Hideaways Club team is a strong desire to create unforgettable memories and experiences for Members.

2) Conduct Frequent Inspections

One of the keys used by the Operations team to ensure that the properties remain in top condition is to conduct inspections on a regular basis, both scheduled and unannounced. This is an extremely important facet of property management because it allows us to keep a close eye on the structural integrity of the properties, the extent to which the villas, apartments and chalets are being kept clean as well as the extent to which the appliances and furniture are working and in great condition.

3) Receive Multiple Quotes

While we would never recommend cutting corners or paying less for substandard work, it is certainly wise and pragmatic to get multiple quotes from reputable tradespeople to ensure you're receiving the most cost-effective service. As The Hideaways Club's properties are of such high quality, we occasionally get quoted top dollar for work that ordinarily should cost much less by tradespeople trying their luck. Fortunately, our teams are very vigilant in guarding against this so it is less of a concern for us in recent times. This risk is also mitigated as we have developed trusted relationships with providers who we can trust to provide reliable quotes.

4) Develop Relationships with Service Providers

Following on from the previous tip, we recommend developing and nurturing your relationships with the various service-providers and tradespeople in your area. This is one of the reasons why we receive cost-effective prices for high-quality work, because we have invested the time and effort to not only find reliable people, but to keep those relationships cordial and productive, particularly as we will likely be requiring their services time after time. As we have owned properties in such attractive destinations for a long time, we have built a broad network of contacts we can turn to if our 'regulars' aren't available.

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