Southern France Holiday 2020 | Villa La Colline - Through the Keyhole
31st January, 2020

There's no better place to explore all these charms of the region than from Villa La Colline, with its glorious facade, olive doorways, honey-hued exterior and outdoor dining area which is perfect to enjoy al-fresco dining and views of the South of France's stunning sunsets.

In January 2020, we finished the renovations of Villa La Colline's kitchen, increasing the beauty and allure of this luxurious villa. We're delighted to share 3 reasons we decided to renovate the kitchen and how it will enhance the experience of Hideaways Club Members visiting the holiday property.

1) More Space

One of the objectives we wanted to achieve was to increase the space of the kitchen by opening it up and increasing the bench space. We accomplished through measures such as knocking down the wall from the dining room to the kitchen, as well as integrating a kitchen island to the layout.

The Kitchen is regarded as the 'Heart of the Home' by many people, so it's important that space reflects that, especially for those among us who adore cooking and entertaining. Villa La Colline's increased kitchen space will make it a more productive space for Members to enjoy and benefit from

2) More Safety and Less Cost

By renovating the kitchen, we had the opportunity to replace any old and worn equipment and facilities that could potentially become a health risk down the line. While the Club maintains high health and safety standards, one can never be too safe!

By increasing the space of Villa La Colline's kitchen, we also reduced room for clutter which decreases the chance of accidents while cooking. Finally, through the refreshment of the kitchen and addition of more modern amenities, we were able to use more energy-efficient models that use less power and are thus more economical.

3) Improve Aesthetic and Increase Value

It goes without saying, but the ultimate goal was to build a more beautiful kitchen that Members would be even more excited to spend time in. No aspect was overlooked, we added new white and dark green carcasses; we also added white Quartz worktops, replaced the flooring with a new engineered oak flooring solution.

We added a stunning Penteli™ tile that lifts the look and feels of the kitchen with its white marble style. Another fantastic addition is the new kitchen island, together with the feature lights above it (as exhibited in the header picture of this article).

All these stylish updates to the kitchen, not only make it more beautiful, but add more value to the property and the portfolio.

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