Family Wildlife Holidays: Travel Experiences To Treasure

One of the great pleasures of time spent on holiday with family is the delight children find in the simplest things. Every parent will remember the look of wonder on the face of their children the first time they boarded a plane, and their excitement when they landed in a foreign and exotic place. When travelling with your family, and particularly with children, you want to build memories that they'll remember forever - and there are few better ways to do this than with a family wildlife holiday. From rainforest adventures to swimming with dolphins, here are some wildlife holiday experiences for the whole family to share.

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Family Wildlife Experiences in Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is a stunning place to visit, and if you and your family have a taste for the exotic when it comes to wildlife then it could be the perfect choice. Regarded since the 1980s as one of the ultimate eco-friendly holiday destinations, with an abundance of ecotourism opportunities on offer, you can experience the wildlife of Costa Rica safe in the knowledge that you're minimising the impact you have on this wonderful environment.

Costa Rican Rainforest Adventure:

When it comes to wildlife, Costa Rica is a picturesque and vibrant menagerie - and there are few better ways to experience this with the family than by embarking on your very own rainforest adventure. Led by a bilingual local guide, this 6-in-1 eco-adventure will give you and the family the authentic Costa Rican experience of a lifetime.

Beginning with an aerial tram ride, and including an enormous 14-platform zipline ride (that the kids are sure to love), the day will bring you face to face with all the natural wonder of the Costa Rican rainforest, with a stop off to meet some amphibians and reptiles. There are few more authentic and engaging ways to both experience and learn about the natural wonders of this incredible destination - your guide will provide expert knowledge of the environment and its wildlife as you go - and you can even hire a GoPro for the day to ensure you come home with some incredible memories.

Family Wildlife Experience in Bali:

Bali is not only a stunningly beautiful destination, but it's also something of an animal lover's paradise, making it the perfect destination for a family wildlife holiday. With everything from wild safaris to butterfly sanctuaries to visit, there's something here to suit all tastes, ages, and interests.

Ubud Monkey Forest:

One of the most popular and appealing opportunities to meet the wildlife of Bali face to face is to visit one of its forests - and the Ubud Monkey Forest is top of the list. Home to three sanctified holy temples, as well as over 300 grey macaques, Mandala Wisata Wenara Wana (the correct name for the monkey forest) is a wondrous natural tourist attraction, and is also used as a place of scientific research and conservation.

Children and adults alike can delight in getting up close and personal with the macaques, but it's worth noting that while they are very entertaining, they are very much wild animals. Deliberately attracting their attention might not be a good idea, and could result in the cheeky theft of your goods. When visiting the forest it's best to keep your distance, and as such you might need to make a discretionary call as to whether this is a suitable experience for younger members of the family.

Breakfast with the orangutans at Bali Zoo:

Another memorable event that Bali offers wildlife-loving family travellers is the chance to have breakfast with the orangutans at Bali Zoo. The experience involves not only a delicious and freshly prepared breakfast for you and the family, but the company of a trio of orangutans in the playground section of the restaurant. You and the children can enjoy your meal while making acquaintances with the friendly apes - safe in the knowledge that they won't be swiftly eloping with any of your belongings. The breakfast experience also includes a tour of the zoo, and access to all of the pre-midday shows and presentations, making it an exceptional morning out.

Bali Safari and Marine Park:

If you'd rather experience a more diverse range of wildlife, then the Bali Safari and Marine Park should be high on your to-do list. Tours can be enjoyed from inside a tram, or for a truly unsurpassable experience, from the back of an elephant. The park is home to over 60 different species, including several that are rare or endangered, making this a truly unmissable opportunity. There's also a water park and 'fun zone' on-site, meaning that for all ages and interests the park has something to offer - from fine dining surrounded by lions, to a performance at the park's state-of-the-art theatre.

Family wildlife holidays in The Cayman Islands:

If you're planning a stay at your luxury property in the Cayman Islands, then a family wildlife experience is easy to organise. Grand Cayman is home to some of the most exquisite flora, fauna and wildlife anywhere in the world, and it's not unusual to see parrots, turtles, and even the blue iguana - which was brought back from functional extinction by British scientist Frederic Burton, MBE - roaming the vast untouched areas of the island freely.

There are plenty of fantastic experiences that can be arranged for the whole family to enjoy, and taking the time to indulge in one or more can provide the foundations for a holiday that's not only memorable, but utterly magical.

The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park:

The botanic park is the perfect setting for the whole family to enjoy the sublime rays of the Cayman sun, whilst experiencing some of the natural wildlife wonders the island has to offer. There's plenty on offer to see and do in the park, from a woodland trail to a floral heritage garden - and it's one of the best places to see the aforementioned blue iguana in its natural habitat, as they freely roam the grounds of the park.

Stingray City:

Stingray City truly lives up to its name, and it's by far one of the most popular - and memorable - wildlife attractions on the island, with images of travellers making the most of its wonders frequently appearing across social media platforms and blogs. Stingray City has become a landmark attraction for travellers for good reason - it offers a truly unforgettable and incomparable experience for the whole family to share.

The sandbar at Stingray City is home to around 50 stingrays, weighing up to 150lbs, which visitors can swim with, photograph, and interact with during a variety of tour experiences. The 'master tour' gives the widest breadth of experiences for you and the family to share. The tour includes the chance to meet and swim with the rays, followed by a snorkeling tour of the coral garden (along with guided feeding of a variety of ocean life), and rounding off with a visit to Turtle Farm, where you'll swim and play with a number of different turtles and fish. This is the perfect wildlife family experience for those with a love of ocean life.

Family Wildlife Experiences in The Bahamas:

The Bahamas are one of the most idyllic and naturally breathtaking destinations anywhere in the world, and there are countless ways to spend a truly exceptional stay at your luxury property on Paradise Island. If you're travelling with the family, and are looking for a wildlife experience unlike any other, then Paradise Island in the Bahamas is the perfect destination.

Dolphin Cay:

The Hideaways Club property on Paradise Island is located at The Reef Atlantis, which is also home to Dolphin Cay - one of the premium wildlife experiences that can be found anywhere on the planet. Swimming with dolphins is an experience many children and adults alike dream of, but Dolphin Cay takes this concept much further. Dolphin Cay is one of the world's largest open-air man-made marine mammal habitats.

It isn't a tank, or an aquarium, it's a fully functioning natural habitat with an 11-acre lagoon, which plays home to dolphins, sea lions and stingrays. There are a variety of family-friendly wildlife experiences you can choose from at Dolphin Cay, from kayaking and snorkeling to 'trainer for a day' packages - they even offer a 'Jr trainer for a day' experience, so children as young as 6 can experience the wonders of these incredible natural creatures first hand. A Dolphin Cay experience is one that you and the family will treasure forever, and will reminisce over for years to come.

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