Luxury Experiences in Miami

Known for its relaxed, opulent streets and beaches, its stunning art deco architecture, and for its tropical climate, Miami holds a timeless appeal to luxury travellers. With an array of things to see and do that cater to all tastes and sensibilities, from a thriving nightlife scene to some of the most exciting art and culture in the US, Miami is one of America's top cities when it comes to luxury experiences.

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Luxury Nightlife In Miami

If you enjoy a night out, a good dance, and the chance to experience some of the finest clubs in the world, then Miami should be your American city of choice. From the stunning South Beach nightclubs to the cocktail bars and jazz clubs adorning the city streets, Miami has an unforgettable evening scene that will thrill luxury travellers with a taste for nightlife. A few particular highlights include:

Baoli Miami:

Baoli is located just off South Beach, and offers visitors an exceptional Asian-fusion dining and drinking experience in an incredible mediterranean-style setting. The club provides an experience that seamlessly blends fine food, drink, and partying, in such an extravagant and impressive style that it almost single handedly redefined the South Beach nightlife scene.

You can begin your evening in Baoli's stunning restaurant, which serves everything from light bites to world famous kobe beef and truffle risotto, all sourced locally by executive Chef Gustavo Vertone. After sampling the cuisine, you can unwind in the lounge - a popular haunt of celebrities, and a space which has played host to some of the world's best DJs.

STORY Nightclub:

For a high-energy clubbing experience, those with a taste for only the best should pay a visit to STORY, also on South Beach. The club offers 27,000 square feet of the best clubbing in Florida - with a state-of-the-art sound system. With a stylish and sophisticated interior design, and a circus-esque transformation taking place each night, STORY's in-house production and design team ensure that every visit to the club is magical.

STORY's sister club, LIV, is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation (which can only mean great things), and will open in Autumn 2017.

Ball and Chain:

Established in 1935, this world-famous live music venue has been iconic since it opened. The venue is arguably the best place to see live Latin music in the entire city, and there's something fantastic to be seen every night. With a main stage engulfed in palm trees, the Ball and Chain has hosted musical great such as Count Basie.

The bar's history is about as rich and interesting as they come - closed and reopened as the 'Copa Lounge Tavern' (lacking all the charm, vibrancy and colour of the original), which in turn became the Futurama furniture store, and was then vacated - the club reopened as the Ball and Chain once again. It offers some of the very best food, drink, and music, that luxury travellers will adore.

The Best Food To Eat

Miami's Latin American culture means that travellers who appreciate quality and authenticity will be spoilt for choice in the city. With dishes such as stone crab, ceviche, and the classic cuban sandwich on offer throughout the city, there's no wanting for fantastic food; for the most indulgent and finest culinary experiences for luxury travellers though, a few restaurants are a cut above the rest:

The Forge Restaurant:

Serving some of the finest food to the citizens of and visitors to Miami since the 1920s, The Forge is one of the best places to dine in Miami - if not the whole of America. With a masterful menu composed by executive chef Julia Doyne and award-winning consulting Chef Christopher Lee, The Forge justifies its relatively high price by serving only the very best seasonal ingredients, cooked to absolute perfection.

Highlights of the current menu include a diverse and tantalising range of entrees including a 2 pound lobster pot pie, and for the ultimate luxury steak, their bone in dry-aged porterhouse is unmissable. It's no surprise that in close to a century of serving only the finest food, The Forge has played host to - among others - Frank Sinatra, and Judy Garland.

Joe's Stone Crab:

Any gastronomic explorer visiting Miami must, at some point, sample the legendary stone crab for which the city is known. Joe's is a Miami institution, and while it may not be an exclusively luxury dining room, all tasteful traveller's who want to sample the most authentic Miami cuisine should pay a visit to Joe's.

Opened in 1913 by Joe Weiss, the restaurant is the top buyer of Florida stone crab claws, which are in season in from mid-October (the best time to try them). The restaurant is world famous, and aside from hosting icons such as the infamous Al Capone, it's also reportedly mentioned in Ian Fleming's James Bond novel 'Goldfinger', as 'Bill's on the Beach', where 007 himself claims he ate the best meal of his life.


For a strictly upmarket affair, then travellers who appreciate true luxury should spend an evening at Zuma. Situated in the heart of downtown Miami, Zuma 'brings chef rainer becker's internationally acclaimed style of modern japanese cuisine to America'. Inspired by the fun and informal Japanese dining style of 'izakaya', Zuma offers a sophisticated culinary experience packed with flavour, colour, and modern excellence.

With a design by Tokyo-based Noriyoshi Muramatsu, formerly of world-renowned design house Super Potato, the dining room at Zuma is as inspiring as its menu. Signature dishes include roasted lobster with shizo-ponzu butter, and black cod marinated in saikyo miso with homemade hajikame.

South Beach Food & Wine Festival:

For an alternative to a traditional evening spent enjoying some haute cuisine, visitors to Miami with a taste for taste can also attend the annual South Beach Food & Wine Festival. Taking place in February, the festival is an opportunity for those with a love of fine food and wine to sample some of the best offerings from some world-leading talent.

With more than 80 events taking place over 5 days (the next festival being held in February 2018), and with more than 400 world-renowned chefs, winemakers, and culinary personalities in attendance, the event is an opportunity to rub shoulders with some legendary icons of the food world, while sampling their world class products.

Sightseeing And Things To Do

Miami has something to offer everyone, but luxury travellers in particular will have no lack of incredible experiences to try. From high-end shopping, to taking in some incredible art and culture, Miami is the perfect place to indulge you interests during your stay:

Experience Miami's iconic architecture:

Since the 1950s, Miami's iconic art deco architecture has been the inspiration for countless advertisements, movies, and imagery. Taking an afternoon out of a busy schedule, and simply wandering the streets of Miami can be a fantastic choice, and visiting the Art-Deco Historic District of Miami Beach can provide the perfect opportunity for a few additions to the photo collection.

Indulge in some high end shopping:

For the best shopping experience, the exclusive Aventura Shopping Mall is the place to visit. It's the third-largest mall in the U.S, and the only place in America where custom men's Louis Vuitton shoes can be purchased. Other iconic designer stores offering their famous ranges include Chanel, Gucci, and Prada. For motor aficionados, there's also a Tesla showroom, and there are several restaurants and eateries in which to unwind with a coffee and a pasty after a shopping spree.

Relax on Miami's beaches:

The main reason many people choose to visit Miami is for the beaches. Both South Beach and Miami Beach itself are globally recognised, and a sunny afternoon spent relaxing and sunbathing on either is a wonderful way to unwind. You could also take a refreshment break at one of Miami's many exceptional beach lounges, or go for a stroll along the boardwalks as the temperature cools.

Take in some art and culture:

Miami is a hub of art and culture, and its many galleries and museums, as well as its iconic art events, are some of the best things to experience during a luxury stay in the city. Art Basel is a shining example. The annual event takes place during winter, and leading galleries from all over the world showcase superb work from top contemporary and modern artists.

If galleries are the kind of thing that interest you more, than the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bass Museum of Art, or the Perez Art Museum Miami are all good choices. Each have a veritable display of work to be seen, and feature regularly updated exhibitions.

Best Time To Visit

Miami's subtropical climate means that, year round, the temperature is consistently well into the 70s fahrenheit. If you're planning to relax on Miami's beaches, then the weeks between March and May are ideal - high temperatures and less crowding make time of year perfect for a visit, but bear in mind that during Spring break, hordes of students arrive to soak up the spring sun, so planning around this is important if you want some tranquility.

If luxury art and culture pique your interest, then a winter stay in Miami might actually be the best time to visit. Many of the city's most exciting events take place between December and February, such as Art Basel, Art Deco Weekend, and the South Beach Food and Wine Festival; and with temperatures still well into the mid to high 70s, you won't be sacrificing great weather in order to attend these events.

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