Luxury Experiences in New York

Few American cities are more iconic than New York. With a long a rich history of cultural diversity, the city in its current form was born in 1624, when the Dutch West India Company sent 30 Dutch families to live and work in the settlement they called 'New Amsterdam'. In the centuries that followed, the city has become a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and industry. Frequently seen as the 'cultural capital of the United States', New York is also one of the best cities for luxury travellers to experience the very best America has to offer.

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New York has an incredible nightlife scene, with its many underground and exclusive clubs appealing to luxury travellers, celebrities, and other discerning clientele. There's plenty to choose from - from upmarket and boutique cocktail bars to energetic dance floors - so whatever your tastes, you'll be able to find somewhere perfect. A few highlights include:

Death and co.:

If you enjoy a perfectly prepared cocktail, then an evening at Death and Co. is an evening well spent. This quaint and classically styled cocktail bar has previously won the title of 'Best American Cocktail Bar' and 'World's Best Cocktail Menu', and it's clear why; the luxury section of the menu alone is tantalising, with 'cloud nine' and 'bushido' standing out as particular highlights. Tradition is key at Death and Co., with their team of expert mixologists taking great time and pride in their craft, preparing only the finest cocktails.

The interior of Death and Co. breathes elegance, with an elaborately well-stocked bar set to aged dark woods and traditional leather seating, giving the bar an intensely exclusive feel. There are no reservations here, but if the club is full, doormen will take your number to contact you if a table becomes available.

Space Ibiza NY:

If your taste in nightlife leans more towards the modern and energetic, then there are few finer places to visit in New York than Space Ibiza NY. As one of the most iconic Ibiza-influenced dance and clubbing brands, this exclusive nightclub is the perfect place to enjoy a night out with friends or family. Dance the night away, and find yourself partying with the upper echelon of the US-centric Electronic Dance Music scene.

The design of the club is as inimitable as the music it plays. World class DJs are a regular fixture at Space Ibiza NY, attracted in part by its massive 20 foot tall LED wall. With a VIP area available both on the dance floor from a raised balcony, there's also enough space to take breather, and enjoy some world-class drinks.


Inspired by the rise of the apothecary in Europe, this stunning New York bar is one of the most innovative and inspiring places to drink in the city. After finding Apotheke's hidden entrance, you'll be treated to some exceptional drinks in an equally impressive setting, with the whole bar styled around a classic apothecary.

With a menu the centres around classic herbological concoctions, Apotheke also serve traditional absinthe prepared with sugar and ice water drip, as well as some truly excellent champagne. All of this is accompanied by your standard evening entertainment: live performances by world-class musicians.


Food has always been an integral part of New York Culture, and from humble but unmissable street eats like hot dogs and bagels, to entirely exclusive haute cuisine prepared by the world's best chefs, there's something for all tastes. If you're a discerning foodie who's looking to experience the most authentic food in New York, you'll find yourself spoilt for choice:

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare:

Brooklyn Fare itself is a culinary treat. The market offers gourmet ingredients and groceries at approachable prices, but it's the three Michelin-starred restaurant tucked away inside that truly appeals to the discerning food lover. Chef's Table is small and humble, and features a communal dining experience with diners taking seats around a central kitchen counter.

Chef César Ramirez prepares cuisine that reflects seasonal availability and quality, and frequently merges Japanese culinary traditions with precise French gastronomic technique. The result is a tasting menu that lasts for two and half hours, and features food that is more than a meal -- it's a work of art.

Eleven Madison Park:

Ranking third in the 2016 S. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants, and coming first in the popular vote, Eleven Madison Park is an exceptional contemporary restaurant, offering guests a chance to experience some of the best in modern cuisine. Located in the famous Art Deco Metropolitan Life North Building, the dining room opened in 1998 and was purchased by Chef Daniel Humm and restaurateur Will Guidara.

Eleven Madison Park is known as a fine dining destination the world over, and serves diners a single, multi-course tasting menu experience. Inspiration is drawn from far and wide, harnessing both the agricultural bounty of New York and its culinary traditions.

Masa Sushi:

Masa Sushi is named after its iconic owner, Masayoshi Takayama, who is arguably one of the greatest living sushi chefs. His lifelong relationship with fish and food - and his experience training under sushi master Sugiyama Toshiaki - have given him the technical skill and appreciation to create one of the best Sushi menus in America.

With a sushi counter made from a solid piece of Hinoki (sanded daily), from the moment you enter Masa Sushi your senses are treated to an incomparable experience. Masa Sushi operates around the concept of 'Shibui', a Japanese tradition of aesthetic simplicity and unobtrusive beauty that runs through every seasonal dish served.

The 24K Pizza - Industry Kitchen:

For the truly indulgent gastronome, there's one particular New York Luxury Experience that holds a place above the rest: the '24k pizza' from the stunning Industry Kitchen. The restaurant alone is worth the trip, with an elegant minimalism and seasonal ingredients at the heart of their menus, which can be enjoyed in their cutting-edge eco-friendly interior space, designed by ShoP Architects.

The pizza itself is more than just a talking point. With 48rs notice required, the expert chefs will prepare a thin-crust, wood-fired pizza, which is garnished with French truffles, foie gras, caviar, and sheets of gold flake; there's even the option of adding additional almas caviar - some of the best in the world. If this sounds like an exercise in opulence that you would enjoy, it can be yours for the price of $2000 (and an extra $700 for the additional caviar).

Sightseeing and things to do

When it comes to sightseeing, New York might just be the most iconic city in the world. A hundred years of movies means that there are innumerable things to see and do in New York; many are so recognisable that listing them might seem unnecessary. However, for those with a particularly luxurious sensibility, a few attractions do stand out:

Experience New York's iconic landmarks:

From taking in the skyline from the top of the Empire State Building, to having your photograph taken on Times Square, there are a few New York experiences that visitors should try at least once.

When it comes to a visit to the Statue of Liberty, luxury travellers might prefer to see the world-famous icon from the confines of a private helicopter tour, or from the water by chartering a luxury private yacht. There are few better ways to see Lady Liberty than by sea or sky.

Take in some of New York's culture:

If you enjoy theatre, there's arguably no finer place in the world to see a show than the famous Broadway. Booking a seat in the most exclusive boxes for shows such as Hamilton is guaranteed to be an incredible experience.

After being entertained by a performance, a visit to one of New York's many galleries and museums can be equally inspiring. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (or 'the Met'), the American Museum of Natural History and the Guggenheim Museum are all wonderful experiences. Alternatively, taking a ferry out to the famous Ellis Island to absorb the perfectly preserved halls of the immigration gateway is a humbling and profound experience.

Be pampered at a top New York Spa:

For the ultimate in relaxation, few things can top an afternoon (or even a whole day) being pampered at one of New York's exceptional spas. Arguably one of the finest offerings is the Cornelia Spa at The Surrey. Customisation and personalisation are at the core of their business model; every treatment is preceded by a one on one briefing, to ensure they provide you with a service that's tailored to your specific needs.

With treatments ranging from reparative caviar to oxygen quench facials, the near silence of the Cornelia Spa - along with the amuse-bouche tastings, which feature things like Tahitian vanilla cupcakes - gives you ample time to 'decompress' in a library of luxury publications.

Drive some world-class cars:

Few things are as exhilarating as driving a luxury car, and during your stay in New York you could take the time to enjoy this experience yourself, by spending an afternoon driving some of the world's most luxurious motors. Gotham Dream Cars offer a tour across some of the best roads in the area, that puts you behind the wheel of a hand-picked selection of six of the finest automobiles ever built, from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Bentleys and Aston Martins.

The tour takes place over 3 hours or more, and you'll be given a brief on each of the vehicles, where you'll learn about their design, features, and performance, before hitting the road for 15 miles (per car) of unfiltered adrenaline. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and is the perfect day out for all luxury car fanatics.

Best Time To Visit

New York is a city that can be enjoyed all year round, and many of the things that give it its luxury appeal aren't reliant on season or weather. With that said, certain periods in the year may suit you better, depending on your interests, and the things you want to experience during your stay.

The summer months can be warm - July and August are particularly stuffy - and this can sometimes end up being a little uncomfortable if you're doing a lot of walking. Summer is also a busy period in terms of tourism, as is the festive period; so for a quiet stay avoiding the hustle and bustle, a Spring or Autumn break is the best choice. From April to June and September to early November, New York is pleasantly cool, and less beset by hordes of tourists.

If you're planning to catch a Broadway show, it's easier to get tickets in late January and February when the theatres are less busy; the season starts in September though, and if you book early you can also catch the initial performances of the upcoming shows. Early autumn is also the perfect time to visit other cultural attractions, like New York's many museums and galleries, with new exhibitions often debuting around October.

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