The Marvellous Mauritius

In June, one of our Personal Concierges, Covadonga (Covi) Polo, visited the exquisite villa Stargazer on a mission to discover the best of Mauritius. Even though her visit fell outside of the standard peak season timings, Covi had a wonderful time exploring the island and gave us the scoop on all the activities Owners can enjoy in this stunning destination all-year-round.

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Why did you decide to visit Mauritius?

When I think of idyllic, relaxing holidays I envision white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and basic comforts at my doorstep. Mauritius featured just that and so much more. I was expecting the water activities but I was surprised by all the exciting land & mountain activities on offer and by how welcoming and wonderful the locals were to me. I had also seen the amazing feedback from Owners visiting Stargazer over the years and I wanted to experience it for myself. The villa and the entire experience exceeded my expectations.

What was your favourite aspect about Mauritius?

One of the things that sets Mauritius apart from many of the other idyllic island destinations is its fascinating history. Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures with influences from Africa, Europe, China and India - it's a wonderfully interesting destination for intrepid travellers and curious historians. Because of this great ethnic diversity, the vast majority of Mauritians are multilingual. Many languages such as English, French, Urdu, Hindi, Bhojpuri and Mauritian Creole, coexist. Because Mauritius has such a diverse population, it also naturally boasts a diverse religious landscape. Across the island, you will notice beautiful Hindu shrines, stunning mosques, colourful pagodas and gorgeous Christian cathedrals. Mauritius is a fascinating destination, filled with colour, culture, great weather practically year-round, a sensational culinary scene, superb surrounds, outdoor activities and wonderful locals.

Top tips for Owners visiting Stargazer?

Stargazer is part of a private estate with a wide range of sports facilities for Owners to enjoy, including well-lit tennis courts, table tennis, petanque, darts, pool tables and many more. The private beach gives access to numerous water sports, including kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing, beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach tennis. Make sure you explore the resort and all the activities on offer. I particularly enjoyed snorkelling, kayaking and cruises in the glass bottom boat.

Owners also have unlimited access to the exclusive sports centre, which has a 25-metre lap pool offering a superb view of the sea, a state-of-the-art gym with premium equipment, and a yoga platform for wellness enthusiasts.

My final tip would be to rent a car or hire a driver and explore the island. Distances are short and it is easy to go from one end to another.

Covi’s highlights:

  • Hiking Le Morne Brabant Mountain - the hike takes around 3-4 hours, including regular breaks for water, snacks and photos. Once you summit you can enjoy the most stunning views over Mauritius.
  • Spending the day on Bel Ombre beach - a beautiful clean, white sandy beach lapped by the clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean. From the resort you have private access to Bel Ombre.
  • Marvelling at the Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth - a stunning natural phenomenon and a prominent tourist attraction. Make sure you stop at the Chamarel waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Mauritius, on your way to the Seven Coloured Earth.
  • Swimming with dolphins - there are plenty of opportunities to experience this in Mauritius. Speak to the Property Manager or your Personal Concierge before your stay to arrange a cruise.

Covi’s favourite local dishes:

  • Boulettes - steamed dumplings you can find in Mauritius which are served in various ways and contain your choice of meat, seafood or tofu. I tried them in soup and in salads accompanied by chilli, soy or garlic sauce - delicious!
  • Farata wraps - Farata, the Mauritian derivative of paratha, is a kind of layered pan-fried flat bread. It is part of the country's rich cultural heritage and it is served in various ways with your choice of tasty fillings or on the side of main dishes.

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