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Seamless summer holidays

Taking a break in the Mediterranean can be the perfect solution when searching for your ultimate holiday destination - superb summer sun, the finest al fresco dining and a cultural paradise.

Our residences are all located in the most exclusive areas of the Mediterranean and each region has its own distinct culture, cuisine and unique experiences to offer. Our concierge service will take care of all the administration for your holiday too, so you can forget about organising transfers, restaurant reservations and booking in for excursions. With The Hideaways Club, you can embark on your own Grand European Tour.


    Enjoy an alternative experience on this famous party island in the Ballearics. Take time to savour a quieter and slower pace in this impossibly beautiful place beset by a riot of colours - walk along the white sandy beaches, let the waves of the azure blue sea wash over your feet and take in the vista of the deep green pine forests that populate the island.

    As a UNESCO world heritage site, there's lots of history to explore, as well as hidden coves you can discover snorkelling along the pretty coastline. The quality of the bars and restaurants is quite simply excellent, offering delicious fish and seafood, or of course paella. If you feel like indulging your wild side and want to stay up all night, the clubbing scene here is world class.


    The Tuscan countryside is everything you imagine it to be; the verdant, rolling hills, the rustic Italian farmhouses and the acres of ancient olive groves punctuated by cypress trees. For complete cultural immersion, visit Florence and step inside the famous Uffizi gallery to admire the renaissance art, sculptures and architecture. Walk through this romantic city and around every corner you will stumble upon breathtakingly beautiful churches, squares, cathedrals and museums.

    The food in Tuscany will complete this sensory overload as you indulge in perfectly cooked pasta, eaten al fresco, whilst sipping a delicious glass of chianti from your vineyard tour.


    Corfu is a green jewel set in the horseshoe bay of the Greek mainland, surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian. The sea has shaped the history of the island, which is named after Kerkyra, the daughter of a river god brought here by Poseidon.

    Ancient temples and towns testify to tales of Greek tragedy and great heroism and this stunning scenery may be best viewed by boat. Take a tour from the north side of the island to visit the quaint harbours and picturesque bays. Sample an authentic Greek salad, local cheese or stuffed aubergine from one of the many traditional tavernas to experience a true taste of the Mediterranean.

    Cote D'Azur

    This area really does have it all; the charm of the typically Provencal countryside, the air heavy with lavender and vines groaning with grapes, is only a short drive through winding roads lined with cork oaks from the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera.

    The hills that sit above the coast have their own distinctive feel and here you can enjoy peace and tranquility in stark contrast to the chic vibe and party atmosphere of nearby St Tropez. Artistically, the draw to this place is all about the light. Many of the famous impressionists painted here and you can indulge in a lazy afternoon wandering through museums dedicated to Picasso and Renoir, followed by a cool glass of rosé for a fabulous French experience.


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