What Are The Most Romantic Things To Do In Rome?
17th May, 2018

With plenty to offer both locals and visitors, here's our list of the most romantic things to do in Rome:

Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain

As one of Rome's most iconic landmarks, visiting the Trevi Fountain on your romantic trip away has to be at the top of the list. With romance, sometimes the more cliche an activity is, the better. Get your coins at the ready and toss them in together as you make a wish with your partner. Tradition has it that one coin ensures your return to Rome, two coins ensures a romance with a Roman, and three guarantees marriage with them!

For a bite to eat, the Trevi Fountain stands in Piazza di Trevi with a selection of gelaterias and cafes to choose from. Enjoy the delicious gelato flavours as you sit by the fountain, and experience the landmark in all its glory.

Dine in Piazza Navona

The charming and very popular Piazza Navona serves as a showcase square. Lined with rustic buildings, traditional Italian restaurants and gelaterias, there's plenty to feast your eyes on. The location makes for a delightful romantic dining spot, with music from local musicians filling the air and the quirky appeal of artists displaying their paintings. The square also has three fountains, two that sit at opposite ends and the other directly in the centre, designed during the papacy of Gregory XII. With seating all around the fountains, we recommend that you stop off at a gelateria after dinner, and savour the ice cream as early evening turns to night.

Ride the lift to the top of Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele for a Roman panorama

Built in 1911 as a tribute to Victor Emmanuel II, Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele is the main building that stands in the centre of Piazza Venezia, and offers one of Rome's best sights. Whether you climb the stairs to the terrace or take the lift right to the top of the monument, both provide panoramic views of The Eternal City. Heading up here can be the high point of a romantic experience, taking in the 360 panoramic view of Rome's highlights together (including the Colosseum, a 15 minute walk from the monument). There's also a museum dedicated to Italy's unification at the base of the monument which is ideal for every history buff couple.

Visit the Sistine Chapel

A day trip to the Vatican City and its museums is a must on your romantic trip to Rome - and the Sistine Chapel is one of the city's hidden gems. Located in the Vatican Museums, the Chapel is 'visit only' with no pictures allowed. It's one of those moments that will have you marvelling at the beauty and detail that have made the chapel the iconic landmark it is today. With high-vaulted ceilings, detailed paintings of Bible imagery on every wall and ceiling, and the pristine marbled floors, it's a chapel like no other. You'll fall in love with it over and over again.

Eat all the gelato

Italy is famous for its ice cream, and any trip to the capital should abide by one rule: the more gelato, the better. Gelato can be found on almost every corner of Rome, whether you're walking by the main sights or further out of the city. Giolitti's is Rome's oldest gelato shop, established in 1900 and still open to this day, and serves some of the finest gelato in all of the city. You'll find it just a stone's throw from the Pantheon, over on Via del Vicario.

For a quieter ice cream spot, head over to Gelateria La Paloma. This gelateria serves up a selection of the fruitiest flavours and most indulgent chocolate options (including Nutella gelato), and is located along Sant'Andrea delle Fratte. Few things are more romantic than savouring some of the sweetest tastes of Italy as a couple.

Toast to Rome at sunset on the Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are a stretch of 138 steps between Piazza di Spagna (the base) and Piazza Trinita dei Monti (at the top) with Trinita dei Monti Church. Piazza di Spagna is home to one of Rome's best shopping streets, with almost every designer brand you can think of. As a 'social hub' for both visitors and tourists alike, The Spanish Steps are the perfect romantic spot, and give you the chance for a date night that's a little different.

Climb to the top of the steps for the best view, buy yourself a bottle of bubbly, and toast to Rome as the sun goes down. You'll be able to watch the bustling square of Piazza di Spagna turn from day to night as the crowds fade away. The Hideaways Club's luxury apartment is ideally situated along Via Condotti, with the Spanish Steps sat at the end of this narrow street.

Attend a ballet or opera at Teatro dell'Opera

Watching a traditional opera is a fantastic traditional Roman experience to share with your other half. The Teatro dell'Opera is Rome's most famous opera house which showcases operas, ballets, concerts and more. Whichever type of show tickles your fancy, enjoying this lavish building will make for a splendid evening in the capital.

Rent a Vespa

Looking for something different to the standard walking tours or open top buses? Like all the classic Italian films, renting a vespa in Rome together says 'romance'. The pair of you can romantically drive around Rome's best sights, and arrange your own personal tour of the city.

Watch a film at the open-air cinema

Everybody loves a cinema date or film night in and when in Rome, why not? The annual outdoor cinema festival, 'Isola del Cinema film festival' takes place during the summer months, and screens the best international and Italian films of the season. Held in Tiber island, the festival makes for a wonderful romantic film night under the stars.

Dine at the rooftop restaurant overlooking the Colosseum

An evening at a rooftop restaurant tops many people's lists of the most romantic ways to dine. To go one further, how about dinner with a view of the famous Colosseum? 'Aroma' is a Michelin starred terrace restaurant with arguably the best views in all of Rome. With only 28 seats, the intimate setting provides a luxury dining experience for a memorable romantic dinner. Giuseppe Di Iorio has crafted a unique menu, featuring classic Italian flavours, a range of appetizers, succulent meat dishes and local produce. Take a seat and experience Roman dining at its finest.

Enjoy a picnic in Villa Borghese

With the bustle of Rome, getting away from the main hub of the city can be a nice escape for some romance. Villa Borghese is the third largest park in all of Rome and is ideal for both a stroll or good old-fashioned picnic.

The park is home to museums, sculptures, architectural elements, fountains and Rome's zoo. Borghese Gallery also features, meaning that before or after your picnic, you can admire some works of from the world's most renowned artists.

Supermarkets can easily be found throughout Rome - so stock up and prepare a romantic picnic in the Italian sun for your other half. Bicycles, roller skates and other forms of transport can also be hired in the park, adding some thrills to your park date. You could even hire a canoe, and take to the water for a relaxing date on the lake.

Stroll through the Pincio Gardens

Walks of all kinds can be romantic, especially when in Rome. Pincio Gardens is located to the west of park Villa Borghese via a pedestrian bridge, and makes for a truly romantic stroll. These secluded gardens feature statues of famous historic names, a small lake and a view of the entire city.

Take in the sights from Ponte Sant'Angelo

As one of the world's most beautiful bridges and must-see sights, Ponte Sant'Angelo or 'The Angel Bridge' connects The Eternal City with the Castel Sant'Angelo. Castel Sant'Angelo is the Mausoleum of Hadrian, an ancient Roman emperor who designed the castle as a resting place for himself and his family. The now pedestrian bridge has proven itself a romantic place to capture a photo or exchange a kiss, with Rome's many highlights in the background.

Explore the Trastevere neighbourhood

Adventure is romantic, and when in Rome, exploring is essential. Discover Rome's hidden district of Trastevere, a historically working class neighbourhood with lively nightlife. Located across the River Tiber, away from the centre of Rome and its crowds, Trastevere has plenty to see. Begin with heading over to the main centre, the Piazza di Santa Maria, and join in with the locals. Have a look around, tip the buskers and sit by the fountain to watch the world go by. Explore Trastevere in the day and take advantage of their lively nightlife with a drink or two. Who says romance has to be cliché?

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