Florence (Equity Estates)

Welcome to the Florence residence, a beautifully renovated 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom apartment rich in history. Originally built in the 16th century and later owned by the world-famous ceramic artisan, the Marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori, this spacious apartment is perfectly situated between the fashion and historic districts. The home retains much of its historic charm with decorative coffered ceilings and traditional Florentine shuttered windows while offering modern washrooms and kitchen. In this 2700 square foot elegant 3rd floor residence, you will enjoy many beautiful features.


Enchanting, Romantic, Irresistible… Florence is truly one-of-a-kind. If you enjoy world-class art and architecture, gourmet eats and fine wines, Florence is the ideal destination for you. It has hardly changed since the Renaissance and few cities in the world are so filled with masterpieces at every turn—from its 15th century palaces, to its cobbled streets, to its medieval chapels, to its world-class museums. Encompassed by wine-rich hills, Florence is also a gourmet paradise. Fresh pasta, incredibly simple pizza, homemade gelato, decadent wine… try it all in Florence! When you’re finished taking in the sights and tastes, make sure to check out the fabulous shopping. From high-end Italian designers to local artisans and boutiques, the shopping in Florence is truly world-class.
  • City Collection
  • Partner property
  • 4 Bedrooms / Sleeps 8
  • Transfer: From Florence Airport - 20 minutes
    From Pisa Airport - 80 minutes
  • Great For: Urban Living


  • Excellent location in a historic neighborhood with plenty of café’s, restaurants, shopping, and sightseeing within walking distance
  • Stunning and spacious entrance hall and living room
  • 4 bedrooms and 4 ensuite bathrooms with a spacious master suite
  • Modern kitchen with laundry
  • Historic, renovated 16th-century building
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