Ringha, between China and Tibet (Banyan Tree)

Tucked away in a small village in Shangri-La, Banyan Tree Ringha is one of the most secluded hideaways set amidst snow-capped mountains, torrential rivers and tranquil lakes. Each of the luxury villas - two suites and two lodges - are constructed in traditional Tibetan cottage-style complete with intricate native woodcarvings, fireplaces and wooden balconies that look out onto the valley or river below.

Each Himalayan retreat comes with a private terrace, a handcrafted wooden hot bathtub and a rustic fireplace.

Enroll into the 'Spirit of Shangri-La' programme, designed as an all-inclusive package for the intrepid seeking exhilarating experiences in a frontier destination.

Despite the remote location, there's plenty to do during a stay in your luxury property at the Banyan Tree, Ringha: drive to Songzanlin Lamasery, Yunnan Province's largest Tibetan Buddhist lamasery and one of 13 famous monasteries in Tibetan Kham. Receive blessings from the High Lama and bring home a Tibetan Blessing Scarf known as a Khada. After your visit to a covert universe, drive on to the base of Shiga Mountain and take a walk through the deep gully, till the edge of the Napa Plains. End your tour with a delicious lunch at Dukezhong Old Town.

The visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge, one of the world's longest, deepest and most treacherous gorges. It is so named because folklore has it that a tiger once leapt across the waters at the gorge's narrowest points to reach the riverbank opposite. Or wander down to Potatso National Park, an ideal setting for nature walks amid lush forest greenery that is home to a staggering variety of wildlife.


Located 3,200 m above sea level in the heart of Yunnan China, these luxury homes at the Banyan Tree Ringha are tucked away on the border where China and Tibet meet. The two suites and two lodges are designed in traditional Tibetan farmhouse-style complete with intricate native woodcarvings, fireplaces and wooden balconies with sweeping views of the valley or river below.
  • Classic Collection
  • Partner property
  • 2 Bedrooms / Sleeps 4
  • Transfer: From Degen Shangri-La Airport - 45 minutes
  • Great For: Adventure


  • Two bedrooms, sleeping four, and one bathroom
  • The upper level houses one bedroom, the living area, study area and fireplace
  • The lower level is where the bathroom and the second bedroom can be found
  • Atmospheric living area in traditional Tibetan style
  • Enchanting courtyard and private balcony
  • Property has a Study, Daybed, Wooden Bathtub
  • Two restaurants and a tea house
  • Tennis Court
  • Spa
  • Mini stereo system
  • DVD Player and Internet Connection available
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